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GBV 16 Days Activism Outreach


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Petition: The Minister of 30% Education Must Go!

Show your support for a replacement Minister of Education who can ensure that our youth will get the education they deserve! Angie Must Go!

50,000 signatures

As public schools open today and as the country awaits the announcement of matric results for 2023 tomorrow, Build One South Africa (BOSA) has called for the removal of the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga.

Given that half of the young learners who entered school this week will not reach matric, the leader of BOSA, Mmusi Maimane, has called on President Ramaphosa to “prioritise the future of the nation’s youth – and to do so by removing Minister Motshekga after over 5300 days as Minister of Basic Education.”

The Minister of Basic Education has failed dismally in delivering quality, equitable education as the Department of Basic Education continually fails to equip our young people to compete and win in the global economy, let alone simply survive locally.

Maimane notes that “the time has come to radically restructure the Department – to introduce innovative ideas, transparent leadership, and a social compact to fix the mess – which includes such ongoing travesties as dangerous infrastructure, under-equipped facilities, and under-supported educators.”

“After 15 years at the helm, it is also time Minister Motshekga vacates office and hands over the reins to fresh blood."

Anticipating another spin around the forthcoming Matric Pass Marks, BOSA calls on the Department to immediately address the matter of the ongoing 30% pass mark sham and the real matric drop-out rate. The DBE’s own NSC Diagnostics Report shows that the overwhelming majority of students who take crucial subjects in matric pass those subjects with less than 50%.

BOSA will therefore tomorrow be formally launching a public petition calling for the 30% pass mark to be scrapped and replaced with a 50% minimum standard. The petition posits that a 30% pass mark for subjects at matric level undermines the intellect of South Africa’s youth and allows for the entrenchment of mediocrity and low expectations.

In addition, it allows the DBE and the Minister of Basic Education to obfuscate and escape accountability for the basic education crisis.

We call on all concerned South Africans – teachers, parents, students included - to rally behind this petition.
The NSC Report’s data over a recent six-year period (2015 – 2020), shows that a dismal average of 20 to 30% of students who passed matric achieved 50% or higher in crucial subjects.


  •    In Mathematics, 21.3% of students achieved 50% or higher
  •    In Physical Science, 27.1% of students achieved 50% or higher
  •    In Accounting, 28.8% of students achieved 50% or higher
  •    In Life Sciences 29.6% of students achieved 50% or higher
  •    In Economics, 20.7% of students achieved 50% or higher
  •    In Business Studies, 28.4% of students achieved 50% or higher

BOSA will continue to advocate for affordable, quality education for every young person - from the earliest stages of schooling to high-level degrees. Given the proportion of our National Budget allocated to the Education, our nation deserves an inclusive education which prepares students for a future economy, opportunities for lifelong learning, and for a career of their choice.

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BOSA Values

Equity Unity

Equity, Unity & Inclusiveness

We believe in one South Africa, where all citizens have equal access and opportunity. South Africans are stronger together—when learning from each other—in achieving the shared goal of creating a prosperous, safe and thriving country.


At the core of ubuntu is the recognition of the dignity of each human being. We recognise the dignity of every citizen and strive to maintain and restore the dignity of every South African with every action we take, with every programme and policy we establish.


We serve the greater good of the collective—as active members of our communities we seek to contribute to their development and growth responsibly. We build trust between each other and seek to gain and maintain the trust of the general public by aligning our actions with the values we profess.

Together, we can build a better, stronger and more representative South Africa for all.

Your contribution matters. Every donation, big or small, goes towards helping us build a better South Africa.

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